Our outfit adorns a man. And she works with him.

The image of an employee is a showcase of every company. Neat appearance, aesthetic performance of a business uniform, while maintaining all quality and safety standards, is often the basis of business success. Amber Marine is a leading representative and distributor of premium workwear and protective clothing of well-known and respected in Europe manufacturers such as Fristads, Helly Hansen, Mascot, Tranemo, Wenaas, Lyngsoe, Snickers, Fe Engel Caterpillar, Base, Atlas. We offer professional workwear that meets the highest standards of safety, quality, durability and comfort of use. We specialize in safe and comfortable protective clothing for people working in the energy, petrochemical, gas, offshore, wind tower assembly, construction, shipbuilding, road, electronic, medical,  HoReCa and many other industries. For many years we have been supplying our customers with every type of workwear and protective clothing. We provide our services mainly in the Tri-City and throughout Pomerania, but we can deliver the ordered clothing to any place in the country and abroad. The offer of Amber Marine includes: trousers, overalls, fleece, polo shirts, work footwear, protective gloves, jackets, antistatic clothing, flame retardant multinorm clothes.

The goal of Amber Marine is to satisfy every customer who decides to use our help. When thinking about workwear, we want him to always come back to us with the awareness of the quality of the products we sell and the professional and comprehensive service offered by our experts.

All our clothes can be made according to an individual design that will be accepted by the customer. Thanks to this proposal, each workplace and each employee can be distinguished by an original décor emphasizing the character of the represented company. At the same time, working clothes offered by Amber Marine will always provide employees with comfort, aesthetics and safety during their activities.

Let us dress you. Welcome

The clothing proposed  by us is certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality standard and most models are oeko-tex standard, standardd. Our OHS  protective clothing meets the requirements of the European Union:

EN ISO 20471 — for reflective clothing;

EN 1149 – for antistatic clothing

EN ISO 11611 – for flame retardant clothing, for welders

EN ISO 11612 - for flame retardant clothes

EN 13034 - for acid-protective and chemoprotective clothing

IEC 61482-2 - Protective clothing against electric arcs


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