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Vests, undersuits

Vests, undersuits

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Assembly vest, flame...

The product is available within 3-10 days.

High-quality certified reflective vest Fristads with inherent flame protection, antistatic, adapted to ATEX environments without metal components. Approved for industrial washing. Vest resistant to dirt, oils, water.


Price zł1,057.80 brutto

PLN860 net

Warning vest C474 Portwest...

The product is available within 3-5 days.

Warning reflective vest. Two horizontal reflective stripes. Available in 3 colors: yellow, orange, red.


Price zł14.85 brutto

PLN12.075 net

Warning vest S476 Executive...

The product is available within 3-5 days.

Executive Berlin reflective warning vest with zipper. The vest has several pockets, ID holder, "D" type handle.


Price zł47.97 brutto

PLN39 net

Warning vest, stainproof,...

The product is available within 3-5 days.

Excellent double-sided warning undersuit Hi-Vis Portwest. Provides warmth and wearing comfort. Available as a standalone product or part of the S468 jacket


Price zł164.02 brutto

PLN133.35 net

Antistatic antistatic...

The product is available within 3-10 days.

Protective vest, antistatic, flame retardant, warning, reflective Hi-Vis Fristads. Vest fastened with a zipper. No metal parts.


Price zł264.45 brutto

PLN215 net

Warning vest C497 PORTWEST

The product is available within 3-5 days.

Reflective warning vest with ID holder. Strong and durable with a zipper. Available in yellow and orange.


Price zł38.75 brutto

PLN31.5 net

Warning vest C476 two-color...

The product is available within 3-5 days.

Reflective warning vest Executive Warsaw. Two-color vest with pockets, zippered, FM holder, ID and key holder.


Price zł42.62 brutto

PLN34.65 net

Strong, durable undersuit...

The product is available within 3-10 days.

Very strong, durable, warm, comfortable, resistant to abrasion, dirt, oils, oily liquids, water, Polydex® Fristads insulated vest, with winter fur insulation.


Price zł412.05 brutto

PLN335 net

Lightweight, quilted...

The product is available within 3-10 days.

Light, warm and comfortable, quilted thermal vest Fristads.



Price zł282.90 brutto

PLN230 net

Super Lightweight Women's...

The product is available within 3-7 days.

Super light heat insulation jacket Climasoft® Mascot. Warm, breathable with waterproof properties.


Price zł330.87 brutto

PLN269 net

Vests, undersuits - Stylish protective layers for every occasion

Vests and undersuits are not only practical wardrobe items, but also fashionable accessories that provide both style and protection from the cold. Regardless of the occasion, you will find the right vest or undersuit that will give you not only warmth, but also stylish elegance.

Versatility of vests and undersuits

Vests and undersuits are versatile wardrobe items that can be worn in a variety of situations. They are perfect as an additional layer for colder days when we need extra heat. They can be worn both for everyday walks and for special occasions such as business meetings or evening outings. Many manufacturers offer vests and undersuits in various styles and designs, which allows you to match them to your individual taste and preferences.

Stylish and fashionable designs

Nowadays, vests and undersuits do not have to be just practical, but boring items of clothing. Many brands design vests and undersuits that are both fashionable and stylish. You can find vests in various styles, such as quilted, fur, leather or denim vests. Undersuits can have elegant patterns, velvet finishes or interesting details such as embroidery or colorful applications. There are plenty of options to choose a vest or undersuit that will perfectly match your style and character.

Protection against cold and wind

Vests and undersuits are ideal clothes for transitional periods when temperatures are lower, but it's not yet cold enough to wear thick jackets. Thanks to them, you can enjoy comfortable warmth without giving up freedom of movement. Vests and undersuits are usually made of materials that provide adequate thermal insulation, while being lightweight and easy to wear. Some models also have additional windproof properties, which protects against cold and drafts.