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Insulated flame retardant...

The product is available within 3-7 days.

Insulated flame retardant, rainproof, anti-electrostatic jacket with electric arc protection Lyngsoe.


Price zł933.57 brutto

PLN759 net

Waterproof breathable...

The product is available within 10-14 days.

Alna 2.0 Premium Class Warning Waterproof Breathable Work Suit Helly Hansen.


Price zł1,843.77 brutto

PLN1499 net

GORE-TEX 4864 GXP Premium...

The product is available within 3-10 days.

High quality waterproof, trekking, windproof, breathable jacket made of light and soft Gore-Tex Fristads material. Yellow reflective details for better visibility.



Price zł1,512.90 brutto

PLN1230 net

Flame retardant softshell...

The product is available within 3-7 days.

Flame retardant softshell, antistatic, rainproof, chemically resistant jacket with electric arc protection Lyngsoe.


Price zł782.28 brutto

PLN636 net

Strong rain pants...

The product is available within 3-7 days.

Strong rain pants, breathable, windproof all-season Lyngsoe FOX.


Price zł396.06 brutto

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Strong rain jacket,...

The product is available within 3-7 days.

Strong warning rain jacket, windproof, breathable year-round Lyngsoe FOX.


Price zł624.84 brutto

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Kensington Waterproof,...

The product is available within 3-10 days.

Kensington waterproof, breathable winter jacket with Prima Lof Helly Hansen insulation.


Price zł1,228.77 brutto

PLN999 net

Oxford Primaloft Winter...

The product is available within 3-10 days.

Oxford waterproof breathable winter jacket with Primaloft Helly Hansen insulation.


Price zł835.17 brutto

PLN679 net

Winter dungarees warning...

The product is available within 3-4 days.

Insulated, waterproof breathable pants PW3 premium with detachable holster pockets and suspenders.


Price zł450.73 brutto

PLN366.45 net

Winter warning pants,...

The product is available within 3-10 days.

High quality warning winter pants, waterproof, breathable Alna Helly Hansen. Pants made of high quality material with Helly Tech® Performance membrane. Lightweight, very comfortable, warm and breathable Primaloft ® insulation.


Price zł970.47 brutto

PLN789 net

Waterproof Windproof Winter...

The product is available within 3-10 days.

Comfortable winter softshell jacket with soft fur lining. Soft, windproof and waterproof jacket with reinforcements in exposed parts and a detachable hood.


Price zł682.65 brutto

PLN555 net

One of the problems that the employer has to deal with is to provide field workers with comfort in all weather conditions. When working outdoors, a OHS rain jacket or other waterproof clothing will work best. The task of such clothing is not only to protect against moisture, but also from the cold. Moisture-soaked parts of clothing, especially at low temperatures, can reduce the employee's body temperature, even leading to hypothermia. Rain clothing is adapted to be worn in summer or winter. Thanks to additional warming, it will perfectly replace traditional work clothes., protecting against moisture, cold, dirt and injuries. Check out the rain jackets available in the Amber Marine offer.

Rain clothing - material matters

OHS rain protective clothing is usually made of properly tested plastics. We are talking here primarily about polyester and nylon, which are famous for their high level of hydrophobicity. Rain workwear can also be made of thin HDPE film. A big plus of the use of this material is its small volume, as well as the ease of any forming. Work rain jackets covered with HDPE film can be easily folded in half and stowed, for example, in a backpack or bag. This will be especially appreciated by people who often work in the field or on the go. In many winter raincoats you can also find ottoman. It is a fabric that adds breathable properties to clothing. A BHP rain jacket with an embroidery cover will ensure adequate air circulation, which guarantees full wearing comfort.

In the Amber Marine offer you will find rainwear made only of high quality, certified materials. Thanks to them, the clothing not only does not get wet, but also dries quickly and is suitable for reuse. In our rain work clothes, you can freely do your job without worrying about the lack of comfort and freedom of movement.

Safety rain jacket in reflective version

Adequate protection against adverse weather conditions should be provided for every worker who performs tasks under the open sky. This also applies to works on construction sites or on expressways. Therefore, in our offer you can find a wide selection of clothing protecting not only against rain or snow. Certified according to the EN343 standard, Microflex rainwear is 100% waterproof. It also protects against wind, while guaranteeing effective heat exchange. All seams of our capes, trousers or jackets have been secured from the outside (covered with tape). Soft material ensures wearing comfort even at lower temperatures. In addition, a health and safety raincoat, trousers or a raincoat in a warning version guarantee great visibility in all conditions. All items of clothing in this group meet the stringent EN471 standards for this type of clothing.

Health and safety rain jackets - excellent protection in all conditions

OHS rain jackets are an extremely important element of protective clothing for employees performing tasks outdoors in various weather conditions. Our range of rain jacket solutions not only provides effective protection against moisture, but also guarantees thermal comfort and safety when working in difficult conditions.

Safety rain jackets with high hydrophobic performance

Our OSH rain jackets are made of selected materials with high hydrophobic performance, such as polyester, nylon or thin HDPE film. Thanks to this, they are resistant to water penetration and effectively protect against rain, snow and other weather conditions. They are perfect for both summer and winter, providing optimal thermal conditions when working outdoors.

Comfortable and breathable materials

In our offer you will find OHS rain jackets made of materials that ensure high breathability, such as taffeta. Thanks to this, rainwear provides adequate air circulation, which minimizes the risk of overheating and discomfort during intensive work. Our jackets are designed to provide freedom of movement and flexibility, allowing you to easily perform a variety of professional activities.

Reflective OHS rain jackets for increased visibility

Out of concern for the safety of employees, we also offer OHS rain jackets in a reflective version. Thanks to special reflective elements that meet EN471 standards, they provide excellent visibility even in difficult lighting conditions. In this way, employees are clearly visible to other people, which minimizes the risk of accidents and ensures their safety when working on roads or in places exposed to heavy traffic.