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Work boots Base Be-Style S1P, ESD SRC Classic Plus line.


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Base work boots are innovative Italian premium safety shoes. Each model of footwear Base is the result of the work of engineers, designers and creators who combine ideas and skills to design footwear that meets all the needs of each employee, providing resistance, breathability, impermeability, flexibility, lightness, comfort and safety.

Work boots Base - a guarantee of dynamic comfort

Base are work boots equipped with the intelligent i-daptive® system. It adapts perfectly to the foot, guaranteeing full wearing comfort even during work that requires frequent movement. Base are work shoes equipped with an anti-fatigue sole, which is distinguished by its impressive elasticity and softness. It is not without reason that these shoes are recommended for people who perform standing work. The innovative sole used in the footwear Base promotes the correct distribution of body weight, so that the legs do not get tired so quickly when wearing it. Work shoes are also Base equipped with H2st0p technology. It guarantees full waterproofness of each pair of shoes of this brand. Direct welding on the upper prevents water from collecting between the upper and the padding. Base safety shoes are also distinguished by great thermal insulation. This means that they guarantee perfect air circulation in summer and proper heating of the foot in winter. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the Base work shoes available in the Amber Marine online store.


Intelligent system for dynamic comfort. Revolutionary technology created by Base Protection for the new Kaptiv shoe line. i-daptive® is an intelligent system that adapts to the foot, providing an incredible feeling of dynamic comfort.

How i-daptive technology works The i-daptive®® system works on several levels: it provides stability to the foot, and in the case of small lateral oscillations, it corrects the axis of the foot, returning it to the optimal position; facilitates walking by ensuring a smooth transition from heel to toe, thanks to a modular process called "variable geometry"; It adapts to the rough, uneven surface of the ground, behaving like an active suspension that cushions and reduces the impact on the stability of the foot. i-daptive® has variable behavior that varies depending on the type of work to ensure safety and comfort in all conditions


Lightness and flexibility Airtech + Tpu-Skin is an exclusive technology, patented by Base Protection, reducing the hard and compact thickness of the sole to 0.2 mm. The result is increased flexibility   of safety footwear and a cushioning and anti-fatigue effect .  Reducing the sole allows you to get more space on AirTech  ,     a soft and elastic layer that cushions and promotes the best distribution of body weight. More flexibility and less pressure on the metatarsus make you want to walk on a soft pillow.

Uneven surfaces, soil, stones, gravel and mud: 4×4 is ready for anything. There are special conditions that put a strain on the strength of safety footwear and the well-being of the foot, exposing them to loads that can cause serious harm to the health of the worker. The solution comes from Base Protection with new technology that combines robustness and lightness to provide comfort , durability and   resistance to stress.

The secret is a sole made of a low-density blend that reduces weight, but has the same performance as a double-density sole, with high resistance to bending, abrasion and tearing.


Safe professional footwear is primarily non-slip safety footwear , ensuring maximum stability even on particularly slippery surfaces . 

The off-road sole has a pattern that provides optimal grip on many different outdoor areas (snowy, gravel, muddy), as well as especially on slippery surfaces such as floors or wet floors treated with oily or greasy substances.

Thanks to this technology, the Base Protection anti-slip shoes , chosen by a large number of professionals, have shown excellent grip and stability , resulting in a significant reduction in the number of injuries, the main reason for absence from work. The All Terrain outsole has crampons with variable height from 4 to 8 millimeters on the outer profile. They are also blunt and arranged to be self-cleaning .  The middle zone of the sole is wider, with an elevated heel profile, which provides greater safety on stairs, stony ground and convex surfaces such as pipes and trunks. These features make Base Protection non-slip shoes very efficient and have a much higher coefficient of grip than standard safety shoes.


All waterproof models Base Protection, with the new H2st0p technology, provide total water resistance for environments characterized by the constant presence of liquids, without sacrificing the exceptional comfort of Base Protection shoes. Direct welding on the upper prevents water from accumulating between the upper and the padding, avoiding weight gain. Water that freezes your feet at low temperatures. 100% WATERPROOF AND BREATHABLE

A double advantage: a technology that combines the properties of a waterproof membrane with those of a dry foot system.


A breath of fresh air with Dry'n Air® One of the most important features of a professional shoe is its good thermoregulation ability. Wearing shoes that promote air exchange for many hours a day improves your working day.  Base Protection designs breathable shoes with the Dry'n Air insole, a system patented by its engineers to circulate the air inside the shoe. This thermoregulation system can be integrated into the sole (Platinum Line) or with a removable anatomical insole.  Dry'n Air technology improves sweating quality and keeps the foot dry even after heavy loads, resulting in increased sweating .

Breathable Base Protection safety boots with Dry'n Air technology push out moisture generated by sweat from shoes, improving the internal microclimate and well-being of the foot, which remains dry and cool even in the presence of high temperatures. The high performance of Base Protection breathable shoes is combined with a modern design, making them pleasant to wear even outside working hours.


One of the most important technologies used in Base Protection shoes is SmellStop , a special anti-odor lining that prevents the multiplication of microorganisms responsible for unpleasant odors and fungi. With SmellStop , Base Protection has created anti-odor and antibacterial safety footwear *, providing maximum foot protection.

Thanks to the long-lasting antibacterial treatment* SmellStop , the risk of infections and fungi caused by sweat is drastically reduced, as the innovative lining recreates a healthy environment inside the shoe and a constant dry microclimate , ideal conditions for the well-being of the foot.

The advantage of  Base Protection's SmellStop technology is that the antibacterial treatment* has no expiration date, but is  effective throughout the life of the safety footwear, with continuous action. Comfort and fit.

Thanks to SmellStop , Base Protection anti-odor safety shoes are comfortable and lightweight even when worn for many hours a day. SmellStop lining keeps the foot dry gently wrapping with maximum wear. In addition to SmellStop , what makes Base Protection safety footwear breathable and anti-odor is the Dry'n Air technology , based on a system of air channels and holes in the sole that allows the moisture generated by sweat to be pushed out of the shoe, keeping the indoor microclimate constantly dry and cool.


Lightness is a basic requirement for those who wear safety shoes for 8 hours a day. Often, however , safety shoes, even those that meet the safety standards set by regulations, are heavy and damp, causing foot discomfort.  For this reason, the basic protection has been designed with  non-metallic SlimCap toe cap .


The weight of normal safety boots can be up to 750 grams. Thanks to SlimCap and other technologies, Base Protection shoes can weigh up to 480 grams , while maintaining unchanged safety parameters. 

With SlimCap, the external dimensions of Base Protection shoes are significantly reduced, with 35% less thickness compared to market standards. However, this reduction does not affect the performance of safety shoes, which are guaranteed from -40 ° to 60 °. 

The non-metallic SlimCap finger cap  , only 6.5 mm thick , is not only smaller and lighter than those that are normally used, however, also flexible , non-magnetic and thermal insulation .

Lightness and comfort is also guaranteed by the protective band, which perfectly adheres and contoured to the toe cap, avoiding the risk of detachment causing pressure on the foot and , consequently, pain in the toes.


More traction and less abrasion on the sole. One of the technologies used by Base Protection is LifePlus , designed to improve traction on all types of surfaces and reduce outsole abrasion in working environments characterized by the presence of water-based fluids, such as the agri-food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The polyurethane formula extends the life cycle of the shoe and maintains safety and comfort throughout the life of the outsole, giving extreme resistance to Base Protection shoes that are equipped with this technology.

In particular , LifePlus guarantees: Resistance to chemicals such as solvents, acids, oils and diluted fuels. Abrasion resistance. Low temperature resistance

Resistance to chemicals. Anti-slip. In the Extreme version , LifePlus technology is combined with an HRO rubber sole, ideal for outdoor use, as it guarantees stability on uneven surfaces, protection against fluid attack and maximum resistance to low temperatures.