The following regulations regulate the terms of cooperation between AMBER MARINE ALEKSANDRA PELIKSZE with its registered office in, Owocowa 19, Dębogórze, 81-198 Kosakowo, called

AMBER MARINE  (Seller), and the Buyer called the Customer (person representing the company or institution). 


NOTE: Our offer  is addressed to entrepreneurs, companies, institutions.





1.  Orders should be placed in writing - by e-mail to the following address:

The order should contain full company details, product code, information about quantities, sizes,  fixed prices and deadline and possible method of marking. An order sent by e-mail should contain a scanned signature of the person authorized to place orders.

2. The person signing the order must have the authorization to represent the company / Customer.

3. When placing an order with AMBER MARINE  for the first time, the Customer who is an entrepreneur is obliged to send a current entry from the Business Activity Register or the National Court Register.

4. If the Customer is in arrears with payments, AMBER MARINE reserves the right not to complete another order before paying the outstanding amounts.

7. The goods purchased by the Customer remain the property of AMBER MARINE until the payment for the goods is fully settled. 

8. Upon acceptance of the order confirmation, a contract for the sale of goods is concluded between the Seller and the Customer. 





1. New Customers are obliged to prepay on the basis of the proforma issued by AMBER MARINE in the amount of 100%, 70% or 50% for the first three orders.    The amount of the advance payment is determined individually for each client. Once these payments have been made, the customer can apply for a standard payment term.

2.   Customers who are entered in the National Debt Register or those whose previous receivables towards AMBER MARINE have not been paid on time are obliged to prepay 100%.

3. Other Customers settle their receivables on the basis of FV with the payment date indicated on the invoice.    The payment date depends on the size of the order and individual arrangements with the customer.

4. If the Customer exceeds the payment deadline, AMBER MARINE has the right to charge interest  in the amount of - 1% of the order value for each day of delay and to charge the Customer with the costs of reminders.  Each Customer who signs the order accepts the terms and conditions of AMBER MARINE.

5. Partial performance of the contract: in the case of delivery, at the Customer's request, of goods in several batches, the Customer shall cover the transport costs of each batch and each time receive an invoice for the delivered goods.

6. In the event of any disputes, the Customer does not have any right to withhold payment or part of the payment for the purchased goods.  Any settlements resulting from disputed issues will take place only after mutual agreement on the position of the parties.

7. In the event of the Customer's withdrawal from the order, the Customer is obliged to cover up to 25%  of the value of the withdrawn order and transport costs. 

8. AMBER MARINE shall be liable for the completed order only up to the amount of its value.

9. The Customer authorizes the Seller to issue a VAT invoice without a signature. The invoice is sent with the shipment. 

10. All prices are given in Polish zlotys and include VAT. We reserve the right to change the prices of goods on offer, introduce new goods to the offer, carry out, cancel or make changes to promotional campaigns. The Customer is bound by the regulations, terms of the promotion and the price list in force at the time of placing the order. Shipping costs are added to each order according to the current delivery price list.


1. AMBER MARINE shall not be liable for temporary shortages of goods at the manufacturers.

2. AMBER MARINE shall not be liable for the difference between the colour of the goods in the catalogue or on the website and the actual colour of the goods being the subject of the order, as well as for slight differences in shades within the ordered assortment.   

3. The Customer has the opportunity to read, before placing an order, the size tables placed on the AMBER MARINE website.  The Seller, at the customer's request, sends by e-mail a size chart of a specific manufacturer.

4. AMBER MARINE shall not be liable for improper selection of sizes by the Customer.

5.  AMBER MARINE is not responsible for shortages of goods in special offers - "sale while stocks last".

6. The Seller makes every effort to ensure that the descriptions and technical data of the products placed on the website are consistent with reality. However, we are not responsible for incorrect indication of the parameters and properties of the goods, or their sudden change by the manufacturer. 

7. All goods available on the website are covered by the manufacturer's quality guarantee. If the buyer of the goods is not a consumer, the seller's liability under the warranty is excluded on the basis of art. 558 § 1 of the Civil Code. A consumer is a natural person who performs a legal transaction not directly related to his business or professional activity. 

8. For each product sold, we issue a receipt or VAT invoice.




1. At the Customer's request, AMBER MARINE marks the products purchased by the Customer.   

2.  AMBER MARINE marks only products purchased by the Customer from AMBER MARINE 

3.  AMBER MARINE performs, among others:




and others, as agreed with the Client.

4. The company logo, the content of the print or embroidery and possibly the required graphic layout should be delivered by e-mail in an appropriate graphic file along with a detailed description of the size of the pattern and colors.    Preparation of a project not in accordance with the requirements of AMBER MARINE may involve additional fees, about which the Customer will be informed.

5. The costs of preparing an embroidery program or matrices shall be charged to the Customer. 




1. AMBER MARINE may lend designs to the Customer free of charge if it has a given design in the internal warehouse.

2. If the Customer wants to see the design from outside the internal warehouse of AMBER MARINE, he is obliged to purchase it non-returnably.  He also bears the cost of transporting the shipment of designs. 




1. As a standard, products with print and embroidery are packed individually, in plastic bags, and then in cartons.  This applies to orders for printing, embroidery and other forms of marking. Unlabelled  products are not individually packaged. Any other method of packaging involves additional fees, about which the Customer will be informed.




1. AMBER MARINE delivers goods to the Customer via courier companies. 

2. The cost of delivery is covered by the Customer.    The cost is determined individually for each order.

3. AMBER MARINE shall not be liable for any delay in delivery for reasons beyond its control. 

4. When accepting goods from a transport company, the customer is obliged – if the cartons are damaged or the goods have been damaged in any way – to note this fact on the waybill signed in the presence of the courier.   



1. Only goods classified as damaged or inconsistent with the order are subject to complaints.    Information about any quantitative or qualitative deficiencies in deliveries must reach AMBER MARINE in writing within 7 days from the date of receipt of the goods by the Customer. The complaint will be resolved within 14 days from the date of its written notification.

2. The customer has the right to return the goods purchased online within 14 calendar days counted from the moment of taking possession of the item or the day of concluding the contract for the performance of the service. 


3. The goods with the properties specified by the Customer in the order placed by him, modified at his request - (marking of goods, alterations) are not subject to return.   

4. In the case of a return not resulting from our mistake, the Buyer (applies to entrepreneurs) will be charged with logistics costs up to 25% of the order value.

 5. Damage caused during delivery and transport will only be considered if the defect is discovered in the presence of an employee of the courier company. In this case, it is necessary for the Buyer to write a damage report in the presence of a courier company employee. After drawing up the protocol, you should immediately contact an employee of AMBER MARINE.

6. Shipment of the returned or complained product is at the expense of the Buyer, in the event of a complaint recognized by the Seller, the cost of transport of the goods complained about is returned to the Buyer.

7. The money will be returned by bank transfer to the account indicated by the Customer after sending the signed correcting invoice.



1. The Customer declares that he has all rights to the approved marks that AMBER MARINE  places on the products and any claims of third parties will not burden AMBER MARINE.    At the same time, the Customer agrees to the use of products made by AMBER MARINE in its own advertising materials, on the website, as part of the exhibition at trade fairs and as samples of AMBER MARINE's technical capabilities as to the quality of printing or embroidery. AMBER MARINE has the right to include in its advertising materials information about the performance of the service for the Customer. If the Customer does not agree to the above, he should reserve it when placing an order. The above consent may be revoked at any time.

2. The Customer bears full responsibility for having copyrights and/or the right to register the trademark to the extent necessary to perform the order.   

 3. All rights to the brands and trademarks presented on the ambermarine  belong to their owners and are protected by the provisions of Polish and international law. They are given for identification purposes only.



1. Any changes relating to the above conditions must be made in writing and accepted by both parties under pain of nullity.

2. Disputes arising as a result of the implementation of the above conditions shall be settled by amicable arrangement. In the event of disagreement, the dispute will be settled in court by the court competent for the registered office of AMBER MARINE.

3.In matters not covered by the above arrangements, the provisions of  the Civil Code shall apply.


5. Presentation of the content of the website does not constitute an offer within the meaning of art. 543 of the Civil Code.

6.Sk By loading an order with, the Customer agrees to all the provisions and information contained in the regulations.