Flame retardant antistatic pants with protection for electric arc ProGARM® 5816 ARC

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ProGARM® 5816 ARC flame retardant antistatic pants with electric arc protection.


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Flame retardant antistatic pants with protection for electric arc ProGARM® 5816 ARC

Flame retardant antistatic pants with protection for electric arc ProGARM® 5816 ARC


ProGARM® 5816 ARC flame retardant antistatic pants with electric arc protection. The best-selling work trousers with a two-tone cut for better visibility.  Ideal for drivers or other users who require a combination of trousers and jacket. See also the matching 5808 jacket. 5cm fireproof anti-static reflective tape - double seams for longer service life. Knee pad pockets - worn with knee pads for extra comfort Side pocket on the right thigh with flap. Mobile Phone Pocket - Protect your phone. Side pockets with flaps - protect against the ingress of dirt Extra wide loop at the back - prevents the strap from slipping. Fireproof plastic zipper ThermSAFETM - CE certified. Two back pockets with flaps - safe storage. Triple side seams - lifetime quality guarantee. Reinforcements in the crotch - longer service life. ThermSAFETM Jeans clasp - Denim style clasp.

Pants certified to the standards: EN ISO 11611:2015 | Class 1 | A1

EN ISO 11612:2015 | A1 | B1 | C1 | D1| E1| F1

EN 1149-5:2009

IEC 61482-2:2009 | Class 1 | ATPV=12.0 cal/cm2

EN 13034: 2005

Material tested to BS EN 13034:2005 Category ARC: 2

Fabric: VXS + 50% cotton, 39% modacrylic, 10% viscose, 1% antistatic 300g/m2

Colour: navy blue/yellow

Size: waist circumference measurement + inner leg length "from step to floor"

for the growth of low SHORT - inner length of the leg 76cm 

30S 75cm

32S 80cm

34S 85cm

36S 90cm

38S 95cm

40S 100cm

42S 105cm

for standard  height REGULAR - inner leg length 81cm

30R 75cm

32R 80cm

34R 85cm

36R 90cm

38R 95cm

40R 100cm

42R 105cm

44R 110cm

43R 115cm

48R 120cm

50R 125cm

52R 130cm

for the growth of high TALL- inner length of the leg 86cm

32T 80cm

34T 85cm

36T 90cm

38T 95cm

40T 100cm

42T 105cm

44T 110cm

  ProGarm®, based in the UK , is a manufacturer of specialized workwear protecting against the thermal effects of electric arcs, flame retardant and antistatic clothing. Our clothing is tested m.in in accordance with the requirements of the IEC 61482 standard for clothing protecting against electric arcs. The products also meet other necessary standards required on the European market. Clothing is produced in Europe, we design and prepare projects for testing ourselves, we have our own department of quality and development of new products. Our products are characterized by:

• Safety Clothes are made of permanently flame retardant, modacrylic fibers (we do not produce clothing coated with chemicals, but the material is made of fibers with the parameters necessary to meet the relevant standards, which means that the material maintains its properties throughout the product's life cycle, washing clothes or use does not affect the protective properties of the fabric)

• Comfort ProGarm emphasizes the right cut of clothing, convenience and ensuring the comfort of the user. Our clothing is used not only for work where there is a threat of electric arc but also where comfort, user composition, lightness and breathability of the material, durability count. Our lightest suit is 160 g/m2 – product no. 6460.

• Quality Lifetime warranty on seams, the highest quality fabrics, antistatic ThermSAFE components (buttons, zippers, clips, etc.) made of appropriate quality polymers. We put emphasis on the quality of our products.

• Durability Shrinkage of the material less than 3%, fade resistant colors, which increases the life of clothing. The products are characterized by exceptional durability in industrial washing and are tested for multiple washing cycles.

• Protection ProGarm clothing tested in accordance with IEC 61482 to provide adequate arc protection. Most of our products are tested and certified on the so-called Open Arc test and Box Test Our customers in the UK and other European countries are distributors with whom we cooperate. Our consultants work closely with engineers and health and safety specialists to increase awareness among operators and end users. The users of our clothing are companies from various sectors, including. construction, energy, gas, petrochemical, oil, railway, shipbuilding, transport, electricity, renewable energy, utilities, etc. Examples are Skanska, Kier, Babcock, Network Rail, Schneider Electric, EDF, GE, Ineos, Siemens Gamesa, MHI Vestas, Vattenfall, Nordex, etc

    Who uses Arc Flash products? Wherever earthworks are carried out – the risk of encountering electrical wires. Electricians working, m.in at switchboards. Engineers-fitters working on wind turbines Engineers working on railway traction Automotive industry – especially production and maintenance of motors / electric cars Wherever FR and AS clothes are used – flame retardant and antistatic But what distinguishes us?: Quality, durability of clothes and comfort for users Customer Support Collaborate with distributors and end users on education, awareness raising about the dangers of Arc Flash and Flame Resistant Availability of goods – we sell what we have in stock and we have in stock what we sell Sustainable supply chain, independence. As the clothing is produced in Europe, we have the ability to ship directly between EU countries which will help with the still uncertain situation with Brexit Flexibility Full offer, not only clothes but also accessories, gloves, helmets, etc


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